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What to Look for in Kids Guitars

If your children have expressed an interest in playing the guitar, or if they simply enjoy listening to guitar based music, then it might be the right time to introduce them to this hugely rewarding instrument.

In this article we talk about what you should look for when buying your kids their first guitar and how it can help them grow in skills and discipline.

1. Look for junior models

There are lots of guitars on the market aimed at junior players. These often come in varying shapes, sizes and designs specifically aimed at the younger player. One of the most popular guitars on the market for kids and teenagers at the moment is the infamous Spongebob Squarepants guitar which makes a great starter model.

2. Get a half size guitar

If your child is under 12 years old you should consider purchasing a smaller guitar designed for juniors. Full sized guitars can be heavy and bulky, which small arms will have trouble handling. Half size and quarter size guitars are ideal starter models for young players.

3. Buy a package

This does not just go for children – it can be applied to all beginners – buy a package guitar because it contains everything new players need to get started, from spare strings to instructional DVD and books.

What are the benefits of learning guitar from a young age?

Any creative pursuit started at a young age helps to form discipline and aid growth. These two factors alone are beneficial to youngsters who require structure as well as an outlet for their feelings. Learning the play the guitar provides all of this.

Not to mention the potential career path of a young player – just look at the kids from the hit movie School of Rock – each have all gone on to lead successful careers in music, either as performers or session musicians.

If your child has shown an interest in learning to play the guitar you should nurture this as much as possible. Guitar packages (as mentioned above) do not cost a lot of money and this creative outlet will genuinely help your child to grow by nurturing their creativity, enforcing discipline and learning new skills.

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