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The Best Guitar for Kids and Beginners

Learning to play the guitar at an early age puts any kid at an advantage. And to be able to choose the kind of starter guitar may be advantageous but may also be confusing to the kid, which is why an elder figure such as a parent or a sibling should help the kid choose, as there are usually three options open to the beginner: an acoustic, electric or classical guitar; such overwhelming choices as the differences between each are intricate. Below is a guide on the pros and cons of each guitar type.

There is some consensus that the acoustic guitar is the most suitable starter guitar as it creates the balance between hardware simplicity and adequate difficulty. This guitar doesn’t require an amplifier, unlike the electric guitar. However, its neck is a tad wider than an electric’s and its strings are slightly raised from the fretboard, so extra palmar and finger force is required to grip the guitar and produce a distinct note. If the beginner can be trained to press the strings of an acoustic guitar harder, then he’ll have no problem learning and playing the electric guitar.

Whereas the acoustic guitar affords portability, manageability and some ease of playing, the electric guitar affords the greatest ease of playing by virtue of its softer strings. However, it requires additional equipment such as an amplifier and extra chords and strings, and additional equipment means additional cost, unless you already have all these at home. But still, the electric guitar scores low on portability, although pros don’t seem to have a problem carrying these things around during a gig, but for a young beginner, it could be a problem or a turn-off.

The classical guitar, if the beginner was given a choice, should be his or her last option, although some would say that this is an unfair assessment. Because despite the width of its neck, which is quite bigger than those of the acoustic or electric, its nylon strings makes it easier to play. However, the classical guitar is frequently played with just the fingers, as in a plucking motion, whereas a pick can be used on acoustic and electric guitars.

But essentially, to a beginner, a guitar is just a guitar, whatever other options are available to him or her. Regardless of the type of guitar, the young player will master the art if he or she is really intent on learning it.

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