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Learning Guitar at Your Own Pace: The Right Techniques on Practicing Alone

People who want to know how to learn guitar can study the musical instrument through different setups. For instance, some would prefer to have a private lesson, while others are fine with a group class. Still, no matter how great or effective your teacher is your effort and dedication in learning the guitar are still major factors for your success.

Aside from attending your class regularly, practicing on your own is very important in your dream of learning how to play the guitar. Yet a mere practice is not enough—as you need to be systematic too so your time won’t go to waste, repeating same mistakes over and over.

Listen to the Sound You Create

One of the mistakes newbie guitar players who are practicing on their own is playing the guitar mindlessly. In most cases, novice players are given by their teachers some chords and songs to play. Sometimes, teacher even provides materials for the students to listen to and practice during their free time.

To truly learn guitar at your own pace you must focus well on the elements you need to perfect while playing during practice. These include hitting the right notes, degree of timing, phrasing, and the overall cleanliness of the music you produce. Meaning, you hit the strings at the right time and your hands are accurately placed on the fret board.

If you just mindlessly play a song without actually focusing on the accuracy of the sound you produce, your practice will just turn futile—meaning you waste a lot of your time for nothing.

You Don’t Need to Practice for Long Hours

Another misconception that new guitar players have in mind is that the longer they practice the faster they’ll learn the music instrument. But this is not the case for you to effectively know how to learn guitar. It was mentioned earlier that focus is necessary for you to fully engage in the practice and not by the hours you spend with your guitar. If you practice for a longer time, your focus tends to diminish and this is not good.

Moreover, practicing for hours continuously will make you feel bored, which is not helpful in your effort to master the guitar. A short, but focused exercise is what you need to see little improvements after every practice. It is truly easy to learn guitar by practicing at your own pace—just remember to be focused on your task and engage your mind in the activity.

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