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Lear how to play guitar with guitar lessons

Today, when everything is reachable over the internet, you can find it very hard to get a good guitar lessons. It’s not a problem in lessons that you can find on the internet for free, the problem could be the confusion in your head from all information you can find in 10 minutes. Especially if you are guitarist beginner, you need someone who will teach you.
The best choice would be that you get personal guitar trainer who will guide you and approach your problems and techniques individually. In this way, personal trainer can adjust each exercise to suit your needs in order to increase and speed up your guitar learning process.

Not everyone can find a great guitar instructor. Sometimes it’s hard to find guitar instructor at all. The problem might be that you simply don’t know anyone that can help you with guitar lessons or the instructor can sometimes be very expensive. The process of learning guitar is not one day job. If you are beginner, don’t expect to learn guitar basics in a few days, especially the advanced stuff. Sometimes it can take up to 2 or even 5 years for some techniques and sometimes you can practice whole your life and simply not moving very far.

Actually, no one can estimate how long will it takes for you to master specific guitar technique, It depends mostly on you. Why? You can speed up your guitar learning process only with smart plan.

How to practice guitar to achieve good results?
– stop searching the quickest guitar learning method
– find one good training course and stick to it to the end, then move to another one
– write your plan on calendar or white board practice every day, no exception
– write your results and your to-do list
Skipping guitar lessons can lead you to problems in the future because each technique you skip will reflect in some song, rhythm, or lick you will play some day.
How often should you practice?

Well, no one can tell you that. There aren’t any rules. I would say as much as you can, but keep in mind that you practice properly because you can hurt your fingers or even hand if you are overreacting. The scheduled should be made individually on basis of guitar player age and condition.
You should start small and step by step increasing your practicing till you reach state where you can play at least 2-3 h without any breaks and without any problems. If you feel even slightly pain in your hand (usually left, if you are right-handed), you should stop immediately. The pain is the sign that you went to far. Your training should be painless and relaxed. Using force and power won’t do the job.
Learning guitar is a procces that takes time the same way you would need time to teach yourself any other music instrument. Guitar is one of the most popular instruments in the world but it doesn’t mean that it’s simple to learn.
Start small and grow big. This is the best method. And don’t forget to be patient and learn properly. Listening to all kind of music can also help you understand music thoery and to better understand how to play guitar.

Practice to perfection in the only way.

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