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4 Tips To Learn Guitar The Stress Free Way

Being able to play the guitar and strumming along to favorite songs in those leisurely hours are the most enjoyable experience one can have. But before you get to that rewarding stage, there are a few things that needed to be sorted out first. This involves learning how to form chords and memorizing it, learning how to change chords efficiently, learning how to strum, which all can be a very stressful process for some. So how do get past this stage without stressing out and give up all together? Well, here are 4 tips that should get you on the right track for a stress free guitar learning experience:

1. Choose the right guitar – Probably the most important thing that will influence your learning experience is the guitar that you decide to use. There are basically three types of guitar that you can choose; a steel string acoustic, a nylon string classical guitar and an electric guitar. So regardless of the type of guitar that you end up choosing, the idea is to choose a guitar that is comfortable enough for you to play. Here are a few things to look out for when choosing your guitar; Size, Shape and ‘Action’ setup. So when you pick a guitar, try to remember the following:

* Make sure to choose a guitar that size’s is suitable for you, not only on the size of the body of the guitar, but also on the size of the ‘Neck’. Wrap your fretting hands around the neck to make sure you can form a chord easily (Steel string and classical guitar have a major difference in neck size).

* Decide wisely on the shape of the guitar that you choose, some people may have problem playing a rounded shape ‘Ovation’ back and some may have problem playing a ‘V’ shape or a Les Paul shape guitar while sitting down, so tried it out and see if you do.

* Check the ‘Action’ setup, this is when the height distance between the strings and the fretboard is setup a bit two far. This could create major problem especially when you reach the stage where you need to learn the ‘Barre’ chords. So choose wisely and you’ll be off to a good start.

2. Make Sure Your Guitar Is In Tune – Always make sure your guitar is in tune before playing it. Get an electronic tuner to help you with this, there are easy to use and very affordable too. You can also tune the guitar by ears but you may not be able to do it at these early stages, as it takes time to train your ears to hear the right tone for every string. Keeping your guitar in tune is very important because you can never get a chord to sounds the way it suppose to when your guitar is out of tune.

3. Find Someone To Guide You – Years ago when I started to learn the guitar I use to learn by myself and often times I stumble on things that are hard to get around. Things like how to properly hold the ‘F chord’, how to change chords smoothly, how to properly do the ‘up strum’ and I can remember how stressful it is to figure it all out on my own, I eventually seek help from friends and later on from a guitar teacher and from then on, life gets lots easier. The point that I’m trying to make here is that you should always consider finding someone to guide you. Not only you can learn the proper way to play, but watching someone else who can play well will also inspire you to keep focus in pursuing your goal.

4. Search for online guitar lessons – If you don’t have friends who plays guitar to get help from and didn’t have the time to commit to guitar lesson from a teacher, you can always search the internet for online guitar lesson. Needless to say, the internet is a sea of information’s and you can easily find guitar tutorial on any specific technique that you wish to improve. There are many good sites that offers free guitar lessons but it wouldn’t hurt you to invest some money on paid online guitar lessons too. Many paid guitar learning program had been develop and they caters all level of playing in many different styles, with a one time investment you could have access to a complete step-by-step guitar learning program as if you have a personal guitar teacher available to you 24 hours a day.

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